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A valuation company, also known as a business valuation firm, is often engaged to determine the economic value of a business. Here are some reasons why you might want to get a valuation company: Buying or Selling a Business, Strategic Planning, Capital Financing, Securities Investing or Taxation and Legal Reasons.

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Frequently asked questions
What will affect my business's value?

There are many variables that affect a valuation. Some include the reason you're selling, your assets, and economic conditions. If you'd like to understand more about this, you can read our valuation guide.

What do I need for my estimated valuation?

You will need your business details and a few financials including; taxable profit, value of your stock and seller's earnings.

Why should I value my business?

Valuing your business is a crucial part of your business journey. You may want to sell your business or map out its future development. A valuation will paint an accurate picture of its worth.